The NEAR chrome-extension Wallet

Narwallets allows NEAR users to manage their assets, connect to DEFI, to stake and earn rewards.

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Providing NEAR users with

Account and assets management

You can manage all your NEAR accounts from a single wallet. NEP-141 Token support, Liquid-Staking suppor, classic staking support and Lockup-account support.

Liquid Staking

Narwallets is integrated with Metapool. You can stake and liquid-unstake with Meta Pool directly from the wallet!. Leverage your assets with stNEAR, you can earn additional rewards on the nascent DEFI ecosystem.

Non Custodial Security

We do not send any of your information to external servers, all your keys and passwords are encrypted and stored locally

Metapool Integration

We make it easy to stake and unstake NEAR tokens

Narwallets is integrated with Metapool, you can stake and liquid unstake directly from the wallet.


  • Open the wallet and select your account, click on "Stake"
  • On confirmation, you receive stNEAR as a new asset in your wallet
  • As part of Metapool every staker and liquidity provider gets $META
  • You are free to use your stNEAR and $META from the Wallet

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Common Questions

  • What is Narwallets?

    Narwallets is a chrome-extension wallet for the NEAR blockhain. It allows you to manage all your NEAR accounts, your NEP-141 Tokens, your Liquid Stake, your classical stake and even Lockup accounts.

  • Yes. We store your information only on local chrome storage and all the data is encrypted. The walllet is non-cutodial, we do not store your keys, password or any information in our servers

  • Liquid staking is an alternative to traditional staking: it allows users to stake any amount of NEAR and to effectively unstake their NEAR without the requirement of waiting 52 to 65 hours before NEAR token holders get their compounded rewards.

  • The stNEAR NEP-141 token is the toke you obtain when liquid-staking directly from the wallet. The integrateed Metapool functionality tokenizes your stake, allowing you to use your staked near as a NEP-141 token, called stNEAR. stNEARs represent staked NEAR. The price of stNEAR is incremented every 12 hours when staking rewards are collected.

  • You can stake NEAR and/or unstake NEAR immediately. There is no waiting time with our liquid unstaking swap solution. You pay a swap fee that ranges between 0.3% and 3% depending on actual liquidity and the amount you want to liquid unstake. You can also chose to unstake by the old method, waiting 2-3 days but with no fee.

  • Yes, staking rewards are compounded automatically into the stNEAR price.